They Are Always Listening.

Note: This is part of our month-long series we hope will inspire parents to discuss financial literacy with their children. It’s never too early to start saving!

Our house turns 100 years old soon, and it has the walls to prove it.  

When the kids are playing with the Wii in the playroom, it is like Mario is chasing Yoshi through our kitchen (or whatever room Rosemary and I are in).  

As parents, we long ago realized that every conversation is likely overheard.  Not that the kids are trying to listen (or maybe they are), but mostly just that you cannot help but overhear things in our home.  I sometimes feel like we are in a weird spy movie as we walk the streets at night in order to have “serious” conversations.

And so last week, my 11 year-old Bert heard me bemoaning an increase in our car insurance (“bemoaning” being a very nice way of putting it).

“Dad, what is the matter?!”

I explained that we’d be paying more for insurance each month for our cars, and I was not thrilled about it.  Of course, he dug deeper.

“What is insurance, Dad?”

In the simplest way possible, I talked to him a bit about insurance.  I let him know that we pay a little to insurance companies, and they promise to pay for large expense if anything happens to the things we insure.

“What else do we have insurance on?”, Bert asked.

I replied, “The house.  Our health.  Some of our treasured things, like Mom’s wedding ring.”

And then, almost reluctantly, I said, “My life.”

“So if something happens to you, we’ll be taken care of?”, said Bert.  “Seems like a pretty good idea.  Can I go play Wii now?”

As I watched him walk back to the playroom, pride swelled inside of me.  He is getting it.

“Oh, and Dad,” Bert turned and said, “Watch the language.”

They are always listening.

| Jay Kenerly, MSFS, CHFC