Back to School… sort of

In a year full of weird days, my guess is that Monday, August 17 will rank near the top.

As is the case for many others, Monday is “Back to School” day for the Kenerly kids.  Except it sort of isn’t, because they will not actually be going anywhere.

(Side note challenge:  I want to see “First Day of School” pics on Monday, even if they are still in their pajamas #firstdayofschool #pleaseletthecomputerwork)

We will wake up, set up the “technology” on the kitchen table, keep our fingers crossed that the wi-fi works, and trudge back into the new normal:  virtual school.

Right now we are scheduled for nine weeks, but who really knows.  The only thing I am sure of anymore is that I am not sure about anything.  Things will change and not be what we thought they would be, and we will just have to adapt…. And adapt we will.

That is what Rosemary and I have been talking with the kids about.  We have been planning for this.  The schools.  The teachers.  The students.  The parents… all of us.  We know it will not be perfect, but we also know that we will adjust and keep moving forward.  Because that is what we do.  Because that is what we have to do.

I guess that is a life lesson, really.  One that applies to everything, including money.  We plan, and when the time comes we put those plans into action and we keep moving forward.  Who knows when it will rain or for how long… but when it does (and it will), we will be ready.

We are ready.

Right now it is pouring.  We will get wet, but we will get through this.

And soon the sun will come back out.

Extra special thanks the incredible teachers and school staffs everywhere…. You are the best.

Wishing everyone a wonderful school year.

| Jay Kenerly, MSFS, CHFC