Waze of the World

When the Kenerly family is riding down the road, we do not lack for noise.  Four children. A talking dog.  At least a few “technologies”.  Streaming music (which has now been the Hamilton soundtrack for, oh I don’t know, two years or so.)  Rosemary organizing the chaos while I drop random sound bites.

It’s loud.  Always.

So it may seem strange that we’ve chosen to add another voice to this chorus, but add one we have.

We’ve become a Waze family.

For those that have not discovered it, Waze is an app that helps navigate the roads.  And we use it just about every time we are in the car.

I’m not talking about just times when we aren’t exactly sure how to get somewhere.  I’m talking about literally almost every time.

Grocery store runs.  Saturday afternoon errands.  Trips to see my parents in Salisbury, or maybe visiting family on the coast.

Usually, Waze just gives me peace of mind.  It might as well be telling me, “Jay, you are on the right track.”  But it also warns me of delays, traffic jams, and dangerous conditions, helping me avoid those issues while keeping me on schedule.  Waze will suggest alternate routes, ones I had not thought about but still get us to the same places.  Often after weaving us around delays, Waze will lead me back to our original route, and everything will look familiar again.

I think about Waze a lot when working with families and business owners.  We help them map out the ways (no pun intended) to financial security.  Over the years, we reinforce that they are on the right track, even when they know where they are going and how to get there.  Along the way, we identify potential delays, and we plan for and navigate around them.  

So tonight I’ll make the drive from my office back to the house for about the 10,000th time.  It’s a drive I could probably make in my sleep, but I’ll turn Waze on any way.  My route will probably be the same as last night, but if there are any issues Waze will just lead me around them, and I’ll end up home around my usual time.

Where I’ll be greeted by a beautiful chorus.  Loud…. but beautiful.

| Jay Kenerly, MSFS, CHFC