Something to Celebrate

Happy Life Insurance Awareness Month!!

Okay, you probably aren’t exactly celebrating this.  I doubt you get overly excited when talking about life insurance, and honestly I cannot blame you.  Who likes talking about death?  Or paying premiums?  Or being hounded by “that person” that just will not leave you alone?

The industry has not done itself any favors with the way life insurance is frequently presented.  Not everyone has the wrong kind or amount.  Some have put themselves in a really great spot and should simply be congratulated for it.

And life insurance is not the “end all/be all”.  New job?  More life insurance!!  Savings low??  More life insurance!!  Life Event??  More Life Insurance!!

More!!  More!!  More!! 

(That reminds me of one of my favorite industry sayings:  If all one sells are hammers, then every problem is a nail.)

But think about this.  Do you think anyone’s final thought has ever been: “Thank goodness I didn’t have any life insurance.”

Everyone’s situation is unique, and it changes all the time.  Only you know what is important to you, and only you know whether you “need” life insurance or not.  

But if it feels good knowing your family will be taken care of in the event you are not around to do so….  Or if it feels good knowing you are stowing away monies in a tax efficient manner? (Quick show of hands:  who likes paying as much taxes as possible?)…. Or if it feels good knowing your legacy will live on for generations to come…

I’d suggest you spend a few minutes with a knowledgeable person whom you like and trust, and make sure your life insurance coverage is exactly what you want it to be.  

And that will be something to celebrate.

| Jay Kenerly, MSFS, CHFC