Golf bag with no putter? Never.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Why do we have life insurance awareness month and not real estate or mutual fund or investment awareness month?  Because life insurance is a unique – and may be the most important product – in your financial portfolio.  It protects you, your business and your family from longevity risk – the risk of dying too soon and living too long.

Life insurance is like the putter in your golf bag.  It forgives a lot of mistakes and is there when you need it at the end.

If you have not recently reviewed your most important club and how it can protect you against both the risk of dying too soon and living too long, it’s time to call a life insurance professional, you know and trust.  For the price of a few minutes of your time you will gain awareness, peace of mind and Knowledge for Life.

| Bob Plybon, CLU, CHFC