Trey Erb

And So It Begins

The first week at a new job… in the middle of a pandemic! And, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Yes, I had doubts and fears… but I also had the thrill of knowing I was doing something to better my future for myself and my wife.

Hi- my name is Trey and I am the newest member of the Plybon & Associates team! I am excited to come on board as a financial advisor with the M Financial Magnet program. Professionally, I have earned a master’s degree in financial planning and gotten certified as a CFP® professional in addition to my work experience.

Personally, I married the love of my life, Ashley, in March of 2020 and we recently purchased a new house in Greensboro. We moved to Greensboro from Bryn Mawr, PA, and have 2 dogs, Milo and Murphy. Additionally, I am a huge college football fan and am hoping that we can return to games in the fall. I have Clemson season tickets, and on many fall Saturdays you can find me enjoying games and tailgates with 80,000 of my closest friends.

This past week was my first week at Plybon. As I stated earlier, I was a bit nervous and at least once thought I may have been crazy to leave my old job and move to North Carolina in a pandemic…. Has anyone ever had to replace an HVAC system or water heater? Well, my wife and I had to replace both within less than 24 hours of moving into our new house, and that certainly did not help my confidence!

As soon as I arrived at the Plybon office, the nerves started to go away. As you may know, everyone on the team is so welcoming and supportive!

Looking back at my first week, I can say that the doubts and fears I had about moving and starting a new job are also how many of us feel when thinking and talking about our finances. If you ever feel like making a change to your financial picture or want to double-check that you are on the right path, we here at Plybon & Associates would be happy to go on that journey with you!


|  Trey Erb, CFP®, CFS