My Guitar (Not So) Gently Weeps

I reached a new low with my guitar playing recently.  I made Angelica and Eliza scram.

I absolutely love playing guitar, but for whatever reason (and there are many really lame ones) I ignored it for the past few months.  When I decided last weekend to pick it up, the first few strums were just awful…. Like, make your cats run from the room awful.  

My guitar wept, and not in the way George meant it to.

I wasn’t exactly an expert guitarist before, but I’d been playing and practicing consistently for the past few years.  I even reached the point where I was not completely annoying Rosemary, with some of the songs actually recognizable.

Getting back to playing was hard after a few months away.  The guitar was not just badly out of tune but needed new strings.  I couldn’t remember any songs.  The ones I looked up were difficult because I’d lost a lot of muscle memory.  My fingertips burned and were sore after.  

None of it was fun.  And for a bit, I thought, “Why even start again?”

It reminded me of all the times I have stopped a savings plan, and then tried to restart.  

My balance is so low, what is the point?  Or, I just have to have a little more money in my checking account right now, but I’ll start again soon.  Or, I don’t have time to go to the bank and set up a draft, but I’ll put it on my “to do” list.  Or, I forgot about the paperwork and will do it next quarter.

So many excuses.

Fortunately, I’ve battled through those excuses and restarted my plans.  It wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t always comfortable.  But the pain was always short-lived and way less than expected, and very soon after I was so glad I started again.

And so it was with my guitar playing.  Over the course of a few days, the calluses returned to my fingers and my memory came back.  New strings, a good tuning, and a little more practice, and eventually the cats came back in the room.  It felt so good to be playing again.  Rosemary even said, “I love that song.”

Here Comes the Sun.  

When will you pick up your guitar?  Never too late to start.  



| Jay Kenerly, ChFC, AIF