Adventures of a New Homeowner – My wife’s favorite part of the move

Note: As a new homeowner, I wanted to share some of the personal experiences my wife and I have had as we moved to Greensboro. Hopefully, you enjoy the peek into our lives over the course of this series!

Once the first few rooms were painted- we got started on my wife’s favorite project — decorating!

Although I watch significantly more HGTV now than I did when I was younger- my favorite show is “Love It or List It” — I still do not have any skill at putting a room together. Lucky for me, I have Ashley in my life who is not only good at it but also enjoys doing it!

If you have watched “Love It or List It” you may have realized (like I did!) that interior design and decorating are not cheap. Many times, people on the show are spending six figures or more to update their homes. 

Although I might be content living in a house with camping chairs and a card table for a few months, I know that would not please Ashley (or our dogs Milo and Murphy)! 

Since decorating was something that Ashley enjoys doing and is important to her- we planned ahead and purchased a home within our budget to allow us some money to spend on decorating.

And now, between multiple trips to her favorite store (At Home), several online orders, and a few Target runs — our house is starting to feel decorated and more like home. And we even got a new TV so I can enjoy college football in all its glory come the fall!  

Now that the house is coming together, Ashley is happy- and so am I!

I am grateful that prior to our move, we talked about what was important to both of us after purchasing a house and worked on a savings plan together to achieve those goals.  

If there is anything, we here at Plybon & Associates can do to help you achieve a “Happy Spouse and a Happy House” or put a savings plan in place we would love to talk! 

|  Trey Erb, CFP®, CFS