Adventures of a New Homeowner – Grilling

Note: As a new homeowner, I wanted to share some of the personal experiences my wife and I have had as we moved to Greensboro. Hopefully, you enjoy the peek into our lives over the course of this series!

If Ashley was excited to decorate the house, it is easy to say I was excited to get our grill and become a grill master!

Growing up, my parents grilled at least once a week — all year long — even during winter! I can remember digging the grill out of the snow just for my dad to fire it up! I have always loved food from the grill.

However, the apartments we have lived in have not allowed grills, so until recently I have not had a grill of my own or really built any grilling skills.

One of the gifts Ashley and I received for our wedding was a great book on grilling from Ashley’s grandparents. The other night I was preparing to make dinner and decided to open the book to look for any tips or tricks. Almost immediately after cracking the book open, I realized that grilling is a lot like financial planning.

Although they can seem daunting at first — grilling and financial planning — you can get started by simply taking a few steps and following some basic principles.

To get started grilling, I was able to learn the four T’s- temperature, time technique, and tools. Although I have grilled burgers a few times before, this was the first time I was cooking chicken breasts and bell peppers on the grill. And I have to say- the chicken was a little overcooked, but the bell peppers tasted great, and I was very proud of myself! It felt good to get started.

At Plybon & Associates, we love helping our clients get started with their financial planning journey. Whether it is just learning the basics so you can grill a chicken breast or more advanced techniques like smoking a pork shoulder on the grill low and slow, we would love to partner with you on your journey towards becoming a financial grill master!

|  Trey Erb, CFP®, CFS