Adventures of a New Homeowner – Recap

Note: We hope you’ve enjoyed our 5-part series on dos and don’ts of owning a new home and how the bumps along the way help prepare us for the future…so similar to planning ahead financially. 

Part 1: Home Warranty
Just like our realtor who was able to guide us through the home buying process and offer great advice, a financial advisor can be invaluable when putting together a financial plan.

Part 2: Painting
Like painting a room, getting our finances right can take planning and preparation.

Part 3: Decorating
We planned ahead and purchased a home within our budget to allow us some money to spend on decorating.

Part 4: Grilling
Although they can seem daunting at first — grilling and financial planning — you can get started by simply taking a few steps and following some basic principles.

Part 5: A Mortgage
Going through a major life event (buying a house, getting married, having a child, or any number of other events) is a great time to review your financial situation and make sure all your bases are covered.