Do you know who I am?

A Case of Mistaken Identity…

Does anyone know an Albert Fib?

Apparently, he recently changed his address and now all his mail ends up at my house…. All his credit card offers, random coupons, and pieces of mail that require “URGENT ACTION!” 

Thinking about it- I do not think Albert Fib is a real person… I think the mail is supposed to be addressed to me, Albert Erb. (I am the third, so everyone calls me ‘Trey’ – but the people sending these mailers DEFINITELY wouldn’t know that!).

Kind of annoying, isn’t it? If the mailer is supposed to get me to act, couldn’t it at least be addressed to the right person? What motivates me to work with you if you cannot even get my name right? And I don’t even have a long or complicated last name! 

Thinking about it, we run across situations all the time where we are treated exactly like everyone else — even though we are all unique and no two people are exactly the same. Far too often, this is the case in the financial services industry as well. 

Whether you are a young professional, company executive, or someone on the cusp of retirement, the focus many times tends to be on the same thing — depending on the focus of the firm or professional sending you the “mailer.” To repeat an analogy I have heard many times from our CEO, Bob Plybon: “If you are working with a hammer salesman, everything is going to look like a nail.” Here at Plybon and Associates, we pride ourselves on taking the big picture into account and always make sure that we are helping YOU reach YOUR goals. 

So, if you are tired about getting mail for Albert Fib, like I am, and want to talk to someone about your individual and personalized financial situation, we would love to set up time to talk!

|  Trey ERB,