how much question mark

How much ____?

How much? This is a question we ask in all aspects of our life….

  • How much should we be exercising?
  • How much ice cream can I eat for dessert?
  • How much food should I pick up from the grocery store this week?

As a financial firm, we work with “how much” questions all the time. As a team with life insurance expertise, one ‘how much question’ we hear quite often is, “How much life insurance coverage does my family need?

The simple answer is— it depends…. So maybe it isn’t so simple?

Like many things in life, it truly does depend on the situation someone is in and what their goals are…

  • How old is that person?
  • How long does that person plan to work?
  • Is that person the only member of the family earning income?
  • How many people are in their family?
  • How many children are in this family?
  • What expenses does that person want the life insurance to cover?
  • What debts does that person have?

Even with this extensive list of questions, there are countless other things you might want to consider when determining what the right amount of coverage is for you. At Plybon, we are here to help.