Milo at the Beach

Summer Vacation

For the fourth of July holiday, I spent a week at the beach with my wife’s family. During the vacation, I was able to take some great naps, introduce our dogs to the beach, and relax completely. I love the beach (and apparently our dogs do too)!

Vacations and travel are something that I always look forward to. My wife, Ashley, and I have been lucky to travel a lot in the time that we have been together and have had some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) travel experiences. However, since our wedding last March, we really had not had the opportunity to travel a whole lot, so this trip was one we were really looking forward to!

Thinking back over all my travel experiences, there is one thing that tends to stick out about the trips I have really enjoyed — the right amount of planning!

I have been on trips that had no planning whatsoever and I have been on trips that were over-planned — neither of those types of trips tends to be my favorite.

My favorite trips are the ones that are planned so that many of the big decisions are taken care of, but there is still some flexibility — we can change daily activities, see sights that the locals recommended, or do something different for dinner!

Planning a trip or vacation actually has a lot of parallels to building a financial plan. When building a plan to help you meet financial goals (whether saving for a house, planning for retirement, or putting money away for your next vacation) you want to think thoughtfully about what is important to you and plan to take care of those “big decisions”. However, you do not want to make a plan so detailed that you cannot adjust to changes (whether that be a change in your target price of a house, change of date for your retirement, or change of location where you want to vacation).

If you have a financial goal that you are planning for and want someone to talk to about your plan, don’t hesitate to let us know! I hope you have a great summer! (And maybe even get the opportunity to take a beach vacation!)