Busy, busy, busy- but hey, that’s life!

The past month has been crazy busy – I have attended two out-of-town weddings, spent a weekend with my mom, and even got to attend a college football game with my dad! To say it has been a whirlwind is probably a bit of an understatement! I feel like every year after Labor Day, schedules get exponentially busier. Clearly, this year it was not any different.

Honestly, making all the different activities fit in took quite a bit of planning. Booking flights, lining up hotel rooms, setting dinner reservations, and even finding someone to watch the dogs when my wife and I went out of town together… were some of the things we had to plan for.

I can’t imagine getting through the past month without at least a little bit of planning. I don’t think it would’ve been a good experience if I showed up at the airport in the morning without a flight booked ahead of time or if I just showed up at a hotel and crossed my fingers that they had a room for me! How stressful would that be?

And on top of relieving stress, the planning I did allowed me to enjoy the time with family, friends, and everyone else during this whirlwind so much more!

Regardless of how busy life gets, I know that some level of planning helps reduce my anxiety and helps me enjoy experiences more. It is probably one of the reasons I enjoy what I do so much and helping people build a plan for their financial lives.

Just like the experience at the airport is much smoother when you book a flight ahead of time, many financial milestones are more enjoyable when you’ve planned for them. Whether it is saving for a house, starting a 529 plan for a child, or contributing to your retirement accounts, even small steps today reap huge rewards in the future.

What is the next financial milestone in your life? If you want help planning for it, or someone to talk to about what comes next in your financial journey, don’t hesitate to call us here at Plybon & Associates. Even though this past month has been busy, it is our job to help you plan for your financial future!

| Trey Erb, CFP® ,CFS