vacant house

Vacant House: What you see isn’t the whole story

My wife and I moved into our house earlier this year, and we have done a lot of projects! We have painted multiple rooms, redone the shower in our master bathroom, purchased new furniture in the living room, and even put a grill on the back deck.

However, there are still a ton of projects to go… and the biggest project is the landscaping out front. After we moved in, we removed a large tree that was a little too close to our house and blocked a lot of sun from getting into the front of the house. However, after removing the tree, the landscaping in the front of our house leaves a bit to be desired (that is an understatement). The grass doesn’t look the best, and the front beds are conspicuously empty.

Recently someone we ran into asked us if our house had been vacant these last few months- and honestly, it kind of took us by surprise. Yes- the front yard may not look great, but we have been working on a lot of other projects. After we got over the initial shock, my wife and I laughed about it and moved the landscaping project to the top of the list.

The vacant house comment made me think about how many things we do in life that benefit us, but other people don’t notice. From the outside, people can’t see the new shower in the master bathroom, or the four rooms we’ve repainted, or the wonderful natural light the comes into the house now that the tree has been removed. All that is seen from the outside is the landscaping that hasn’t been done.

Relating back to my work here at Plybon & Associates – we may admire the beautiful vacation pictures our friends posted from their latest trip, but what don’t see are their contributions to their retirement accounts, or when they open a 529 plan for their children’s education, or if they are using insurance to protect their families in case something goes wrong, or any number of other things that may be just as financially beneficial to them as taking a vacation.

Even if we don’t post on social media, or others don’t notice, it doesn’t mean our financial situation is “vacant.” There are plenty of things we are all working on that benefit us, and the outside world doesn’t see.

Every day at Plybon & Associates, we help people with financial decisions to help them build a financial future that they can be excited about. Just like my wife and I are excited about our house… even if other people may think it is vacant (sigh).

If working on finances is on your to-do list, and you want a little help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to start a conversation and help you feel more confident about your financial future –  regardless of what others can see!