The Power of Simplicity

This fall I am volunteering to help coach a flag football team of 6th – 8th graders. We practice and play every Sunday afternoon, and it has been a lot of fun thus far! We are 3-0 halfway through the season and my favorite part of the experience is to see the kids have fun, gain confidence, and get better every week.

I believe that one of the biggest keys to our success has been keeping it simple. Each week we have worked on the same foundational skills and built upon what the kids have done the previous week. Rather than add new plays, and different formations, we have tried to focus on simple skills and building on what the kids already know.

We have played some other teams in our league that have trick plays, fancy formations, and a lot more moving pieces than we do. And although the other teams we’ve played have had success, thus far we have been able to stick to our plan, adjust to what they are doing and come out victorious.

Keeping it simple and having success is something that can directly connect back to financial and insurance planning. Many times, people hear about new and exciting strategies and think these new strategies are their ticket to financial success. However, many times taking simple steps can lead to just as much success and be much more sustainable in the long term.

There are many simple steps you can take to improve your financial situation. Three simple steps that can help build a foundation for financial success are building a budget that allows you to spend less than you earn, putting some of that extra money aside for retirement, and making sure risks are managed using insurance.

If you are interested in simplifying your financial situation to find more success and would like some help on the journey- we at Plybon & Associates would love to connect and lend our experience. There is power in simplicity!