Just a bit outside (my comfort zone)…

As some people may know, my wife and I moved to Greensboro earlier this year (And so it begins)… In the middle of a pandemic. It can be hard to meet new people and make new friends in the best of times, and it has not been any easier in 2021.

One of the things I did in Philadelphia to make new friends was to join intramural sports leagues. However, every time I joined a new team, I knew at least one other person on the team (usually my roommate or brother) which made it a bit more comfortable. Here in Greensboro, I did not know anyone playing adult intramural sports. So, this summer I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up to play intramural softball as a free agent.

Joining a new team when you don’t know anyone can be hard. You want to make sure the team can utilize your skills, but you also don’t want to oversell how good you are and be “that guy.” Luckily, I was added to a team with a great attitude. They had already played together for a few seasons and just needed to add a few new players.

Every week I looked forward to softball and getting to know my teammates a little bit better. It certainly made me feel more like a part of the Greensboro community. We ended up third in our league and had a ton of fun along the way.

This experience reminded me that we need to continue to step outside our comfort zones for personal growth. For me, that meant joining an adult softball league. For others, that might mean reviewing their finances, creating a budget, or starting an investment account. If at Plybon & Associates we can help make that process easier, or act as your “roommate” to help you take that first step, please let us know!