A successful trip- despite the traffic!

This year, my wife and I traveled to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was a wonderful trip filled with lots of stories and fantastic food.

Prior to the trip, Ashley and I did a lot of planning to make sure the trip went smoothly. We rented an Airbnb months ago so that we could take our dogs. We scheduled visits with friends and family. And we even mapped out our route ahead of time. This allowed us to really enjoy the time we had and not worry about anything but spending quality with people we care about.

I was so thankful that I was able to see my parents, my brother, my uncle, and even my 98-year-old grandmother, mom-mom! On a side note, mom-mom recently told me she plans to live until she is 102, so hopefully, we will have a few more years to make more great memories.

The only downside of the entire trip was traffic. It wasn’t so bad on the way to Pennsylvania. But on the way back to NC – it was chaotic. Our 8-hour trip turned into a 12-hour adventure of stop and go. Yikes!

Sitting in traffic, I thought about our planning process for the trip. Even though we did everything we could to plan ahead, we still hit traffic. It wasn’t something we could not control.

When you build a plan – even a successful one – everything won’t go perfectly. But having a plan allows you to weather unexpected events, as well as things you can’t control, and still have a successful outcome.

Thinking of mom-mom, I know that she did not expect to live until age 98. But since she had a successful plan, she is still able to live in a retirement community close to family. It was planning that helped her to live so long and so happily!

At Plybon & Associates, we work with people every day on building successful financial plans that can weather unexpected and uncontrollable events like traffic. Whether it is the business owner who didn’t expect to lose a key employee, the executive who didn’t plan on becoming disabled, or the young professional who needs extra money to cover an unexpected car repair – we help people plan for life’s unexpected surprises – good or bad!

If we can help you with your financial goals in any way, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

| Trey Erb, CFP® ,CFS