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Life Comes At You Fast!

Happy 2022! It is hard to believe that it is already February. It is just another reminder that life comes at you fast. 

Ultrasound- Baby Erb
Ultrasound- Baby Erb

Looking back, it is hard to believe that 2021 is behind us. A lot happened for me personally in 2021– a new job and a new house, in a new state! And 2022 is going to be exciting, too. My wife and I are expecting our first child in May!

This past weekend we completed painting in the nursery and building all the furniture in the nursery for the baby– talk about a project-filled weekend! It made me think back to all the changes that we experienced in 2021 and all the changes that are sure to pop up in 2022. 

As our life has changed, so has our financial plan. Over the last year, our budget has changed, our retirement contributions have changed, and our need for insurance has changed. I am sure there are countless other financial items that have changed as well, but those were the first three I thought of! 

As our CEO Bob Plybon has said to me– “In May that baby will be here whether you are or not. If you aren’t here, will your family be taken care of?”

As life changes, we need to re-evaluate our finances. It is a part of life moving so quickly. That is something we love to help with here at Plybon and Associates. We love to help people prepare for life’s surprises– good and not-so-good. And we have been doing it for over 70 years.

I hope your 2022 is off to a great start and will be filled with wonderful surprises! If there is anything we can do to help– whether it is to help you re-evaluate your life insurance, start a retirement plan for your small business, or just answer some financial questions for you–  just give us a call.   

I know it is a bit belated, but – Happy New Year!

| Trey Erb, CFP® ,CFS