A Legacy of Lifelong Learning

A few weeks ago, Plybon & Associates hosted our first quarter educational webinar for participants of the retirement plans we work with. I was lucky enough to present the information and run the meetings. The topic was “Traditional versus Roth retirement contributions.”

I love presenting and really enjoyed helping educate people on this topic. Retirement saving is very important, and something that I am passionate about. We had three meetings and I felt like all three of them went well. I was happy to see so many people join the webinars and be engaged in learning something about their finances they may not have known about before.

Leading up to the webinar, I was thinking about my grandpa a lot and the legacy he left behind. He passed away the week before we hosted our webinar for the first quarter.

As some people know, I go by ‘Trey’ because I am Albert the III. My grandfather being Albert Sr. “Grandpa” as I knew him was incredibly outgoing- everywhere we went he would say hello to people that he knew- and boy did he know a lot of people!  He was amazing with names, and it seemed like he knew the name of everyone he interacted with. He was a retired elementary school principal and made an impact on countless lives with his love of education. I am so lucky to have gotten to spend so much time as a child with my grandfather and have so many wonderful memories.

Although I am not working in a school system, I think teaching and being a financial advisor have a lot of similarities. Both involve a lot of learning. Both involve a lot of teaching. And in both professions, I think people are driven by the fact that they can help others build a better life for themselves. I know that is something that motivates me. I love the fact that in my job I can help people craft the life that they dream of – and help protect them from pitfalls they may not think of along the way. If I can help others learn along the way, even better!

At Plybon & Associates, if we can help you reach your financial goals, we would love to do so. We would also be honored to help protect you from life’s negative surprises that you may not see coming. I truly believe that if Grandpa was still with us, he would be proud of me.

| Trey Erb, CFP® ,CFS