Blog- Trying something new

Trying something new can taste pretty good!

A few weeks ago, for my birthday, I decided to push my limits- I was going to cook a new recipe on the grill. As I paged through the recipe book my wife and I received for our wedding, I found the perfect choice- a beef tenderloin with red wine reduction sauce.

This recipe was intimidating for me, but it was something I set my mind to. I am proficient cooking burgers on the grill, but had never cooked a beef tenderloin before, and certainly had never made a red wine reduction sauce. This was a step up to the big leagues!

Luckily, I had the recipe book to help me. I read the recipe multiple times, and followed it to a T. And sure, enough the food turned out great and I was very proud of myself.

Leading up to the meal, I was nervous. Would the food turn out right? Would it taste good? Or did I waste a lot of money on a meal that I ruined?

Cooking is not something I am a natural at. It is something I must work at, and something that seems intimidating to me. The way I feel about cooking- that is how many people feel about their personal finances.

Personal finances can be intimidating. It may not be something that people know much about or feel naturally comfortable with. However, people who decide to engage with their finances tend to have positive outcomes.

If we can be a resource to you in dealing with your personal finances, we would love to be! Just like I had the recipe to follow that allowed me to cook a delicious meal, we can help you find a “recipe” that fits your unique financial situation!

| Trey Erb, CFP® ,CFS

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