We love surprises.  The right kind, that is.

Maybe a birthday party… Or children on Christmas morning… Or a dog’s greeting at the front door… Or receiving a marriage proposal… Or better yet hearing “yes” to a marriage proposal.

While we are big fans of the right kind of surprises, we do not like the bad kind. Unfortunately, life inevitably gives us all some of the bad. Too often these surprises end up costing us dearly for years to come.

We are consultants and confidantes that help families and business owners prepare for, minimize, and avoid life’s financial surprises.

Surprises like a mom working hard and reaching retirement age, only to find out she doesn’t have enough money for the retirement she deserves. Or a dad passing unexpectedly, and leaving his family with no means to replace his income. Or a business owner losing a key employee over a benefits package she thought was competitive.

Or a family realizing that 40% of an inheritance must be paid to the government, and trying to figure out what cherished asset to liquidate. Or an employee trying to fill a prescription for a child on a Saturday night and finding they must wait until Monday due to a coverage issue.

At Plybon & Associates, we have an amazing team of caring and passionate people that customize, develop, and execute plans for life’s financial surprises. We can’t tell you when surprises will happen, or what those surprises will be. But together we can take meaningful steps to make sure they don’t knock you off track, and life continues exactly the way you want it.

Wouldn’t that be a great surprise?