Investment Approach

Plybon & Associates, Inc., like most successful investment advisory firms, follows a core investment philosophy. These fundamental principles guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.

  • Investments are used to achieve long-term goals, while savings are used for short- term goals.
  • Asset allocation, with a diversification among stock, bond and other markets, reduces risk.
  • Investors should know how their investments fit into their portfolios and why they own particular assets.
  • Minimizing investment cost is crucial for long-term success.
  • An investor’s primary decisions involve choosing a mix of assets to be held in a portfolio, not the selection of individual investments.
  • Risk is multi-dimensional. Investors should weigh “shortfall risk” – the possibility that a portfolio may not meet long-term financial goals – against “market risk,” – the reality that returns may fluctuate.
  • Market-timing and performance-chasing are not part of a winning strategy.