Asset Management

Plybon & Associates, Inc. seeks to provide our clients with returns that are consistent, competitive and in-line with their personal objectives. Our asset allocation process requires that we work together as a team while organizing and planning your investments. In addition, our collaborative process is specifically designed to provide you with a greater understanding of your portfolio. Ideally, this increased level of knowledge will lead to greater comfort with the investing process.

Asset allocation is designed to help you benefit from:

  • Reduced risk
  • Preservation of capital
  • Increased liquidity
  • Quarterly updates
  • A portfolio structured to work efficiently under changing market conditions
  • An organized listing of assets



Asset allocation and diversification may sound very similar by definition, but that is only on the surface. Both are designed to reduce risk in your portfolio, and both involve diversification by spreading money among several different investments. By diversifying into a variety of alternatives, you can help mitigate the chances of suffering a catastrophic loss should one of the investments perform poorly.

Asset allocation, however, takes it one step further by diversifying your portfolio not just among different investments, but among different investment classes: stocks, fixed income alternatives, cash equivalents, or other tangible assets such as real estate.

Every investment involves some level of risk. Even the most secure investments, such as CDs, carry the risk that the rate of return received may not keep up with inflation and taxes. Given that some degree of investment risk is unavoidable, your goal should be to increase your investment returns while managing the risks.