Planning for Tomorrow, Enjoying Today

I spend my days planning for tomorrow, helping and encouraging others to do the same.

I love it.  I believe it is incredibly important (This guy thinks so too!).  And I want everyone to do it.

But I don’t ever want to plan so much that I forget about the present.  As another wise man tells me a lot:  Your financial plan needs to fit like your favorite pair of comfortable shoes, not the pair that looks great but makes your feet hurt…and that you can’t wait to take off.

In other words, today is too important.  Make sure you enjoy it.

Recently, we made the incredibly difficult decision to put down my best friend.  We had over 15 wonderful years together, but that wasn’t nearly long enough.  She was the best, and I’d give anything to have another day with her.

So today I’m not thinking about the future so much.  I’m remembering the past and embracing today, and reminding myself that all three – past, present and future – are important.

I’ll get back to planning tomorrow. For today, I’m just going to miss my girl.

Rest easy, sweet Lily.  December 2, 2004 to February 3, 2020.

| Jay Kenerly, MSFS, CHFC