A Beautiful Smile

Note: This is part of our month-long series we hope will inspire parents to discuss financial literacy with their children. It’s never too early to start saving!

In the blink of an eye, Rosemary and I went from wondering when our boys would cut their first teeth to having a conversation last week about braces.

A “virtual visit” with our good friend Mark Kaley confirmed what we had been thinking:  our 11 year-old Hal is ready for some orthodontic magic.

Mark let us know we had a couple of options, and that his office would be reaching out soon to discuss pricing and payment plans.  I could tell the last part really caught Hal’s attention.

“Dad, is this going to be expensive?”, Hal asked a bit sheepishly.

I let him know that while it was not inexpensive, it was fair and worth it and something we wanted to do.  More importantly, it was something his Mom and I had been planning and saving for.

“Sort of like Disney World a few years ago?”, asked Hal. (Can you tell he has heard this speech before?)

“Yes,” I said. “Sort of like saving for Disney World.”

“And college?

Yep, that too.

Hal pondered that for a second and then said, “Lots to save for.  I’m going to save money too.  Thanks Mom and Dad.”

He is getting it.

As he hopped off the bed and headed out of the bedroom, he turned with one last question.

Can I go play Wii now?”, Hal asked with a huge, toothy, crooked grin.

And braces or no braces, what a beautiful smile.

| Jay Kenerly,  MSFS, CHFC